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We at Empowering Good Governance/Egg Magazine are passionate about promoting the practice of good government and about championing efforts that improve the facility of societal living.

The management of our collective living arrangements as citizens, as consumers, as stewards, as human beings is what interests us; and we trust you as well.

Expect insightful features, solid suggestions, and interesting debates from us. We welcome you as a reader and a sponsor, as well as your comments.

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P. O. Box 111,
Ghana, West Africa

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Editor and Publisher:
Ekem Amonoo Lartson

Taaka Awori, Ivy King Avenuvor, Martina Odonkor, Kwesi Nantwi and Julie Asante and Ekem Amonoo Lartson

Cover page Photography:
Senyuiedzorm Adadevoh

Ekem Amonoo Lartson and Stock Pictures

Comic Strip:
Artwork: Francis Y. Brown (Animax FYB)
Script: Ekem Amonoo Lartson
Editorial Concept: Ekem Amonoo Lartson

Enyonam Gbologah and Naa Atsui Adjei of Amemerer Folk, Music & Dance

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